In addition to showing and breeding dogs, we have always been actively involved in horses. Initially, we bred and raised two Canadian Sport Horses, Cover Girl (Zoe) is now 28 yrs and her son Mesmereyes (Hamish) by Eyes to Rule, who is now 21 yrs. We now continue to breed and raise Sport Ponies. Beautiful, trainable and athletic are the top priorities with any of our horses, ponies and dogs.

Brevmac Pen and Ink

'Quill' (2016 colt)

Hilin Peredur X Morton's Silken Kitten

Morton's PurrfectKitty (2010) by Rosedale Top

Morton's Glamour Puss (2008) by Rosedale Topcat

First Place RAWF Mare 3 yrs and Over - 2012 RAWF

2017 RAWF Champion Sport Pony Star Search Challenge

Brevmac Royal Timing 'Lyric' (2013 filly)

Rosedale Topcat X Morton's Royal Chorus

Brevmac Silk Batik 'Batik' (2013 filly)

Cllynncopa Jakarta X Morton's Silken Kitten

Brevmac Just a Flirt 'Jolene' (2016 filly)

Cusop Jovial X Morton's Glamour Puss

Brevmac Just a Flirt

' Jolene' (2016 filly)

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